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28th-Aug-2012 03:43 pm
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davejade index ahoy!

you can submit anything if you think it should be added to the list here; but include if its nsfw/sfw, has and triggers/warnings and maybe side pairings if you can! it would be a great help!! 

personal favorites are marked with a ✮

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  • Dog Almighty ✮ (indirect davejade) | Dave waits in a hospital lobby with the hell hound 
  • PTSD (Post-TimeShit Dave) (Alcohol Abuse+ JohnRose) | Dave is coping with SBURB with alcohol, he's lost contact with his friends until Jade shows up on his door step with news about John and Rose. 
  • thermodynamics | gotta find Jade. 
  • click | 22 photos taken on a somewhat melancholy trip to the fair
  • Cute Revenge | Dave takes Jade out! 
  • His One and Only ✮ | Jade is different around Dave and he cannot for the life of him figure out why. 
  • The Art of Exploiting Loopholes  ongoing (nsfw+ JohnRose+DadMom) |Mom and Dad have a lovely wedding, and darn, the kids new respective step-siblings are hot. 
  • Clean ✮ | Dave comes home late and Jade insists he showers before they go to bed because he smells gross. 
  • Fondly regard dat ass. | they really like each other's butt.
  • Good Omens (one-shot) | Clean up that apartment Bro come on, ladies should not have to deal with that shit. 
  • 93 Minutes (accidental simulation+ one-sided) | one (1) drunk Dave escorts one (1) drunk Jade back to his place, because he doesn't want her going home alone. Nothing more. 
  • Untitled Fill (NSFW) | Jade's weird accent turns Dave on. really that's it. also they catch some frogs and casually have sex.
  • Insomnia | Dave comforts Jade about the Horrerterrors. very fluffy.
  • DAVE/JADE: PLAY A GAME (nsfw) | nothing more (a)rousing than a game of strip memory. (also there is a JohnRose sequel at the bottom!) 
  • Strip Pokerstuck, God Tier Style ONGOING(slightly nsfw+JohnRose+ a whole fuck load of other characters) | Everyone who has reached god tier (by [s]Cascade) plays a game of strip poker. who will lose their panties first?????? 
  • The Best of Intentions | It was the best way to make her start paying for her food. 
  • Any Other Way  ✮ | the MOST adorable domestic fic with dave and jade! (and the adorable baby katy!?)
  • The hound in hot pursuit | nobody flirts like Jade harley flirts. 
  • Hey There, harley ✮ ONGOING | Dave finds a mystery girl's purse and ends up being head-over-heals for her 
  • The Things That Make You Blink ✮ | Dave and Jade are both kinda unsure how loving someone works! but they'll figure it out in due time. (very cute!!!)
  • And We're Alive | alone on the post-apocalyptic Earth, the kids struggle to survive and find each other again. 
  • The Best Girl in the World | Dave is totally clueless on what to get Jade for christmas, also he might be crushing on her?????? 
  • The Coolest Guy in The World  ✮ | Dave Strider is and always be the coolest guy in the world to Jade Harley! He is her knight is totally rad armor.
  • Nicest Thing ongoing (JohnRose hints) | The kids grew up and some things changed, is it better or worse now??? 
  • Untitled AU ✮ ongoing (JohnRose hints) | Jade is a huge fan of a teen rapper, Dave Strider. John really likes the bestselling author, Rose Lalonde! 
  • WE CAN FIGHT OUR DESIRES (NSFW) | Jade watches Dave spin, and it gets really hot in the DJ booth. 
  • Once, We Were Gods ongoing (slightly nsfw+ ongoing+ JohnRose) | Learning to live life after the game. In New York City. All together.
  • The Witch of Perigee Swamp ✮ (FIC/ART+ AU) | Were you looking for Dave Strider? That's weird. Most people want to see his brother. Whatever, He's in Perigree Swamp, looking for his brother's lost raven. I wouldn't go looking for him though, weird shit happens in that place... 
  • [S]==> Dave & Jade: Capture frogs (FIC/FLASH) | Catching frogs is hard but someone has got to do it. 
  • Dave: Troll your girlfriend ✮ (FLASH) | Good morning Dave Strider. 
  • [S] Jade: Be The Hero ✮ (FLASH+ street harassment jsyk) | Where is Dave? Jade finds him through a set of letters and a pesterchum message and saves him. She's the hero!!! It's her! 
  • Just a Tug in the Right Direction (Davesprite/Jadesprite) | Jadesprite needs is a bit of encouragement
  • Endgame: Dave and Jade (NSFW) | Aftermath of strip pokerstuck. In.......Jade's bedroom. Cool. 
  • Beats and Flowers (AU) | An marriage is arranged between the Prince of Derse, and the Princess of Prospit. 
  • World Sheet Theory ongoing (Futurefic + JohnRose) | The Game ends, the world is returned to normal. The kids grow up, etc. Focuses on awkward (way too late) first time for Dave and Jade
  • Time and Space for Christmas ✮ (post-Sburb +JohnRose) Dave hosts the holidays in Houston, also he plans to tell Jade he loves her, can he do that or will he pussy out. 
  • Ass o' Clock in Dusseldorf (post-Sburb) Jade gets impatient, and proposes to Dave at Ass o' clock. sharp. 
  • Out of the Dark | (kind of sadstuck-ish?) short and sweet and a bit sad at first? It quickly becomes uber fluffy however. 
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