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10th-Jun-2012 10:01 am - dreamssss
kiinni: (rose derse)
Okay, I'm gonna write down my dreams. I've had some weird/at-least-kind-of-interesting ones lately? 

Or well, write down only one, because it's all I remember 

The first dream I remember is one I had on the 7th (of June obv), I was at a pet store with my mother for some reason, I don't know maybe we were getting some like food for Ringo. When my mom had opened the door I noticed something slip out! It was a kitten, so I ran for it. I caught the kitten just outside the door. I went back in with the kitten with the intentions to give it back to the pet store. The staff told me they couldn't care less if the kitten got out or not. They said the thing had a birth defect, and had three ears. Sure enough the kitten has three ears. I asked them why that made a difference and said well if they don't want it I'll take it. They let me take it, and my mother did too. Despite the fact that she was against cats forever. I took the cat home, affectionately named it "Wilson", and then woke up from my dream. It was weird but oddly nice. 

The only fraction I can remember of the next dream I had was cuddling. 
what does it mean?????? :0 
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